Why is my thermostat blank in Coachella Valley?


A blank thermostat may not be a catastrophic problem, but it can be very frustrating. If not addressed quickly, it can lead to more costly issues.

Listed below are some common reasons why your thermostat screen is blank.

Power surge or tripped breaker

If you return home from work and discover your thermostat screen is blank, a power surge may have occurred. In most cases, the thermostat just needs to be rebooted, however, the process to reset the thermostat varies depending upon the model. Some models have a tiny reset button which can be pressed with a paperclip. Others need to be reset by flipping the breaker in the panel box.

A tripped breaker can cause the thermostat screen to be blank. Try resetting the breaker and allowing the thermostat time to reboot.

A Safety Switch is Open or Tripped

High-efficiency systems, heat pumps, and air-conditioners have condensate safety devices to prevent extensive water damage in case of a drain issue at the indoor unit inside your home.

Your indoor gas furnace or air handler should be fitted with a drain pan overflow safety switch.  This switch is attached to the emergency drain pan under the indoor unit and coil.  If the condensate drain becomes clogged, the drain pan can fill with water causing the safety switch to open or trip.  This will kill power to your heating and air conditioning system to prevent the water from overflowing and causing damage to your floor or ceiling. This will result in the system shutting down and causing the thermostat screen to go blank.

If you see a blank screen on your thermostat, the best recommendation is to contact your local, trusted HVAC professionals at Blair Heating and Air.

Dead batteries

Many residential thermostats are powered by your home’s primary electrical supply. Some require batteries for proper operation and should be changed at least once a year.

If your thermostat screen is blank and it runs on batteries, replace them.

Open furnace door safety switch

Furnace control panels are outfitted with a safety switch. When the furnace door is removed, the safety is engaged and will shut down the system.

If your thermostat or heating system just doesn’t seem to be working right, contact us at Blair Heating and Air to have one of our professional technicians to help get your home running again.